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Desenzano del Garda - History

In the area of Polada, in the years between 1870 and 1876, pots from the Bronze age (2200 BC) were discovered in a peat-bog. In 1921, on the road that linked Brescia with Verona, the ruins of a Roman villa were also discovered. In 1220 it became the fief of the Gonfalonieri family and was the theatre of fighting between Guelphs and Ghibellines. With the rule of the Venetians ( 1426 ) Desenzano, like other populations on lower Lake Garda became part of the Magnifica Patria. In 1500 the Academy was built and in the 12th century, despite the protection of Mantua, Desenzano fell under the rule of Luigi XII; the fifteen hundreds proved to be a difficult century for Desenzano with the passage of the Lanzichenecchi and the plague. After 350 years Desenzano, in 1772, managed to find its independence from Salò. Iin the period of the two World Wars Desenzano suffered several bombings.

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